Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a better way to provide for basic healthcare needs. Direct Primary Care is a move to the past and a concept gaining rapidly in popularity because it can address the majority of primary care needs while dramatically reducing the cost of healthcare for individuals, families, and businesses. Patients begin by signing a membership agreement. (See Kaysville Clinic Direct Care Contract.) An initial registration fee of $75 applies. (Fee waived for current patients.)  Your bank account will be debited on the first day of each month as follows:

Membership fee structure for Direct Primary Care

0-17   Years             $29/mo*

18-65 Years            $49/mo

65 and older             $69/mo

*Must have at least one full paying adult membership.

Additional family members starting with the 6th are free.

(Fees subject to change without notice.)

For a family of five the initial registration fee would come to $375. This is a one time fee. The monthly membership comes to $243 or $2916 for a full year. Visit fees of course are additional, but at $10 per visit you will pay less than most insurance copays. No insurance hassles or exclusions. Where else can you find this kind of primary care coverage? The answer is nowhere. Typical insurance coverage for a family of 5 now exceeds $1500 monthly and growing.

If this hypothetical family selected a high deductible, catastrophic plan and paired it with the above Direct Primary Care option and an HSA, it could still save several hundred dollars monthly. Ongoing coverage for additional years would not include the $75 registration fee resulting in $375 in reduced costs in future years. Also remember that the registration fee is waived for current patients. It may be possible under Obamacare for businesses to offer this to their employees to satisfy the employer mandate.

Routine office visits are arranged in blocks of 15 minutes. The fee is simply $10 for each 15 minute block of time. If a member wishes to be seen for a whole hour the charge would be $40. Minor surgeries and procedures are $20 per 15 minute block. The increased cost is to cover surgical supplies. This is vastly cheaper than traditional insurance. The start date for the new practice is set for April 1, 2014. Additional information can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

Kaysville Clinic will continue to accept insurance for those patients who are established. If you have a high deductible plan you may want to seriously consider becoming a member of the Direct Primary Care plan. Just a few visits to the emergency room may cost you more than a full year’s membership. If you are a cash paying patient you may also want to consider Direct Primary Care as the monthly membership fee is less than a single cash pay office visit.

Kaysville Clinic will be capping the Direct Primary Care plan to the first 1000 registered patients. This limited volume will allow the clinic to provide better access and better care. Additional benefits will include a patient portal which will allow patients to make their own appointments and access their own records and lab results. As a member of Direct Primary Care, patients may also have access to Dr. Kamalu who may conduct a patient portal visit in lieu of a face to face office visit at just $10 per visit.

To register for Direct Primary Care, click and print the following forms. Unfortunately, we do not offer Direct Primary Care to our Suboxone patients at this time. Read each form thoroughly, sign and date, then bring signed contracts to our clinic and we will formally register you as a member of the Kaysville Clinic Direct Primary Care.

Kaysville Clinic Direct Care Contract

Kaysville Clinic Direct Care Contract—Attachment A

Kaysville Clinic Direct Care Contract—Attachment B

Patient Portal Authorization Form

Portal Visit Attachment

Portal Visit Contract

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